Hurricane Maria

Hello dolls!

Today’s post is very different than I used to share here. I’m gonna share with you some thoughts about my country.

I’m from the Caribbean where people is more warm and friendly. My country is Puerto Rico, where we learn how built with cement to protect life and property.

We celebrate when a storm is coming like when an athlete won the Olympics games, just because we are happy people.

I’m from where if any catastrophe happens the first to help are the Puerto Rico people. If our neighbors need help, we are there to help them. If in any part of the world need help, we help.

I’m from that place on earth where when all the country is blackout you can hear the coqui sound together with the pleneras.

I’m from that place where neighbors are part of your family and on this situation, they protect you like another family member.

Two weeks ago Hurricane Irma was in that area and it causes devastation on the islands nearby to Puerto Rico. We as Caribbean neighbors we open our country to the rest of our neighbors to get help, especially medical help. Now that people are in San Juan, Puerto Rico from other islands where the language is French or English and the government opens the Puerto Rico Convention Center to refugee them from this new Hurricane.

Now that happy place on earth is having a major issue, and you are reading this you can help. Go to your local FEMA office or through Red Cross and help whichever you can.

You can make a donation through this web

Red Cross

Or if you decide to send it directly to them, make sure write is help for Hurricane Maria to any of these address below:

  • Cruz Roja Americana Capitulo de Puerto Rico
    Cll 9 SE
    San Juan, 00921, Puerto Rico


  • Ayuda al Ciudadano (recuerde escribir que es pro damnificados del Huracán)
    63 Calle Fortaleza
    San Juan Puerto Rico 00901


  • Salvation Army Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes/ Centro de donaciones
    1679 Ave. Ponce de León
    Esq. Calle San Jorge
    San Juan, PR 00909
    (787) 999-7000

Share this post on all the social media and please help! Puerto Rico it will be so grateful with you!


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